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What Chef T Is About...


Where Does Your Food Come From?

Most people can't answer this question aside from naming a grocery store.  Chef T meals are prepared from scratch using meats, seafood, produce and grains from local family farms that use sustainable practices. These ingredients are as fresh as food gets and nutrient dense - you will notice the difference!  

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Food Should Be Delicious!

As important as nutrition is, if it does not taste great, it will not be eaten.  Chef T graduated at the top of his class from Johnson & Wales University and has honed his craft in some of the most prestigious nutrition focused kitchens in the U.S. Over the years, Chef T has developed an extensive menu of dishes that are colorful, aromatic and absolutely delicious.


Food Is Fuel!

After a diner chews his last bite and smiles, most chefs consider their work to be done. But it is just starting for Chef T! For his "everyday meals", recipes and menus are tailored to meet the nutritional goals of each client.  In the culinary world, Chef T is uniquely trained and credentialed to properly analyze nutritional needs and prepare foods to meet those needs.  Chef T has had the honor of cooking for some of the highest achieving pro athletes in the world!

Wine Anyone?

Wine Education Services....

Most wine tastings are fun and entertaining, but are usually focused on a specific vineyard or specific line of wines. More often than not, the wines being tasted are also for sale. Why aren't there more opportunities to learn about wine in a broader sense - like the education provided to people training to work as a wine professional?

Let Chef T shares his knowledge of wine with you - with no sales pitch at the end!

The world of wine is a vast landscape filled with nuance.  Navigating this landscape is often complicated by snobbery and expense.  Chef T offers wine appreciation classes that are fun, entertaining and will dramatically raise your knowledge and confidence when it comes to walking into a wine shop or being handed the wine list at a fancy restaurant.

Chef T offers several classes to educate those who enjoy wine but don't really know much about it.  These classes cover the major grape varietals and the most productive grape growing regions in the world.  The students will learn how to properly taste wine and evaluate them for balance.

For those that know quite a bit about wine but have a particular area they wish to learn more about, Chef T can develop a unique course just for you.  Possibilities include tasting our way through a famous region such as Bordeaux or the Piedmont, or taste a specific grape varietal produced in different regions throughout the world.

Why Chef T?

While food and cooking are Chef T's driving passions, he developed a similar passion for wine and wine making along the way.  While in culinary school at Johnson & Wales, Chef T took just about every wine class offered. Chef T then took it a big step further and studied wine for a summer at the prestigious German Wine School based in Koblenz, Germany. The school is a state sponsored institution that trains attendees to become Master Sommeliers and Master Chefs and it is a very intense program that Chef T passed with "Grand Distinction", a very rare honor. Since Chef T is food focused, he did not pursue the title of Sommelier, but opted to take another exam and passed to become credentialed as a Certified Specialist of Wine  by the Society of Wine Educators.   



Name Dropping....just sayin', I cooked for all these guys...

Chef T with Kemba Walker

NBA Clients

Kemba Walker (pictured at left)

Jeff Adrien

Steve Clifford (Head Coach, pictured below)


NFL Clients

Mike Mitchell

James Anderson

Charles Godfrey

Thomas Williams

James Dockery

Darius Butler



Jimmie Johnson, 7 time NASCAR Champion

Chad Knauss, Pit Crew Chief

Wil Myers, Major League Baseball

Robert Karlsson, Pro golfer pictured at left

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