Chef T's Partners


Hunter Cattle Farm

Located in Brooklet, GA, Hunter Cattle Farm is run by the Ferguson family, Chef T obtains beef, pork and eggs from this sustainable family farm. While they sell their meats at the Forsyth Farmer's Market (another partner, see below), Chef T enjoys the drive out to the farm to chat with Dell and Kristan and stroll around the farm.

Savannah River Farms

Operated by the Deen family in Sylvania, GA, another supplier of beef, pork and lamb for Chef T and his clients. Also at the Forsyth market, it is always a pleasure to go and visit with Ben (and his dogs!).

Adam's Farm

Adam Mentzer is one of the hardest working young men in the business.  And his labors reveal themselves through the superior quality of his produce!  Adam can be found at the Bluffton Farmer's Market on Thursday afternoons and at the Forsyth Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

Three Sisters Farm

A certified organic produce farm located in Chef T's backyard - Bluffton!


Cahill's is well known for their restaurant that features fried chicken, but they also sell fresh locally grown produce, much of it grown on the property.  They also have a brood of hens that lay fresh eggs!

Forsyth Farmer's Market

Chef T's favorite place to shop!  Located in Savannah's beautiful, bustling Forsyth Park every Saturday morning, this market is restricted to local growers and food artisans only and vendors offer meats, produce, eggs, cheeses, dairy, pasta, tortillas, breads, coffee and snacks!