What Can Chef T Do For You?

Dinner Parties

Host your own Dinner Parties in Hilton Head Island! Why go to a restaurant when you can have an amazing dining experience at home?  During  free consultation, you and Chef T will develop a multi-course dinner just for you.  On the day of the dinner, Chef T will show up a few hours early with all the equipment and ingredients needed to prepare the meal. Chef T also takes care of serving and clean up - all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

Pricing for dinner party services will depend on the number of guests and the menu developed, but for planning purposes, a 4 course dinner for 4 people would be in the area of $460. The cost per person typically lowers as the group gets larger, and goes up as the group gets smaller.

Everyday Meals

Portioned, nutritious meals prepared in your home on Hilton Head Island or Bluffton. Imagine opening your refrigerator and finding delicious, healthy meals that are fully cooked - simply reheat and enjoy. Chef T will come to your kitchen once or twice a week and stock your refrigerator with meals that suit your unique taste preferences and also cater to your health and well being.  A free consultation at the start will identify your food preferences, your health goals and how many meals to prepare each week.  From there, Chef T will provide a new menu each week for your approval.

Pricing for everyday meals is based on a service fee plus the cost of groceries. For planning purposes, Chef T will typically charge a service fee of $250 to prepare 5 complete entrees for 4 people - that is 20 full meals with 4-5 ounces of meat, a half cup of starchy vegetables or whole grains and a heaping portion of cooked vegetables.  The cst of the groceries will be added to the service fee which offers you the flexibility to enjoy sea bass when you want or keep meals vegetarian.  

Wine Appreciation Classes

Wine classes are available in your home on Hilton Head Island or Bluffton. Navigating the world of wine can be intimidating - and expensive! Chef T will come to your home with entertaining educational materials drawing upon his years of studying wine in the U.S. and Europe. Snobbery will be banished while you and your guests learn all about the major grapes and wine producing regions of the world.  Classes can be tailored to the novice or the seasoned oenophile.

Pricing for a 2 hour "Wine 101" class is $300 plus the cost of the wine.  It is your choice if you wish to enjoy high end wines of each varietal discussed or focus on everyday wines. For custom classes or advanced classes, please call Chef T for details and pricing.

The service fee includes an entertaining presentation that allows for plenty of Q&A and each guest will keep forms for recording tasting notes and, a "flavor wheel" that helps tasters identify specific flavors commonly found in wine, and a printed handout of topics covered for future reference. 

Additional options include snacks or appetizers to accompany the wine tasting.  

Cooking Lessons, Nutrition Consulting & Meal Planning

Are you looking for sound nutrition advice from a credentialed nutritionist on Hilton Head Island or Bluffton?

Maybe you love to cook, but you simply need to eat meals that are healthier than you know how to make.  Chef T can sit down with you and discuss your taste preferences and develop recipes and meal plans to meet your goals. As a credentialed Dietetic Technician, Chef T is qualified to conduct a nutrition assessment for you and guide you to a healthier state of being.

Chef T can also spend time with you in your kitchen and teach you how to prepare healthy meals using classic culinary techniques.

Pricing for these in home services start at $100 per hour with a free consultation to define exactly what will benefit you most. After the consultation, Chef T will provide a firm estimate o n the number of hours required. 

Freelance Writing

Chef T is a published writer on the topics of cooking, food, nutrition and wine.  Please feel free to contact us for writing samples or to discuss writing projects.  While studying Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University, Chef T was awarded the prestigous Donna Lee Endowed Food Writer's Scholarship.

Public Speaking

Passion is the driving force behind all that Chef T does. He cares a great deal about the state of our nation's food supply (it is in a terrible state!), the real cost of fast food and junk food, the benefits of plant based meals and why real food matters.  If you have a group that would enjoy learning more about food and nutrition, contact Chef T about arranging an engaging, thought provoking and entertaining talk and open discussion.